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The Value of the Internet (Or More Ideas on Health 2.0, From Gerene Schmidt) by charlottegee
October 27, 2008, 2:09 pm
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In response to our previous post about the buzz surrounding Health 2.0, Gerene D. Schmidt, president of SB&E, Inc. (Science, Business & Education), submitted the following perspectives:

While the Internet has unparalleled value in researching information of every kind, there are limits to value in some fields. There is a widespread belief and expectation that the Internet fulfills all information needs in any field. One field in which this is thought to be the case is healthcare (e.g., using online programs for diabetes management).

To the contrary, experience has demonstrated that in some aspects of healthcare, there is little or no value in using Internet programs for self-management of chronic diseases. Another example is Internet-based disease management programs/services that failed to meet expectations for patient education and improved self-management and outcomes. Consider this case: Pediatric patients and their parents in a diabetes clinic in a large mid-western university-based healthcare system began bringing printouts of blood glucose patterns in statistics, bar graphs and pie charts from the pharmaceutical sponsored program they used online to enter their personal blood glucose data. When the diabetes team, MDs and RNs/CDEs, asked how they interpreted the data to apply to daily diabetes management for Type 1 Diabetes, neither the older children nor their parents had any idea of where to begin in knowing what the data meant and how to use the data in daily management.


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[…] of SB&E, Inc. (Science, Business & Education), submitted the following perspectives. Article Next Things First, 27 October […]

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