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The Wall Street Journal on Obama’s “Emerging Health Care Plan” by charlottegee
November 20, 2008, 12:59 pm
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The opinion piece in today’s Wall Street Journal—The Obama Health Plan Emerges—is certainly worth a read. The closing sentences can give you a quick idea of the article’s overall tone:

Either Senator Baucus and President-elect Obama are making promises that can’t possibly be kept. Or they’re not being honest about their plans for U.S. health care.

The usual statistics are cited, along with a brief rundown of the mess we’re in … the “slow-motion catastrophe,” and a review of the Baucus and the Obama plans. The author(s) eventually conclude that the “public option” (an insurance program managed by the government and modeled after Medicare that will compete with private plans) will not work, and then “Congress will deal with the problem by capping overall spending and rationing care through politics (instead of prices) — like Canada does today.” And it’s funny, because those words can scare a lot of people to death.

Full opinion piece: The Obama Health Plan Emerges

Corresponding WSJ Health Blog post: Insurers Will Sell Plans to All Comers — If Everyone Must Buy In

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