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Health 2.0 From a Diabetic’s Perspective by charlottegee

Last night I came across this post on Read Write Web and had to pass it along. We’ve been talking about Health 2.0 for a while now on Next Things First—what will become of all these start-ups, do people really use the sites and gadgets and widgets (and do these actually improve health outcomes), important things Health 2.0 companies forget.

Well, Richard MacManus (in New Zealand) offers an incredibly informative perspective: Health 2.0 Through the Eyes of a Diabetic. He covers consumer web applications, online platforms to connect health professionals, medical records, portals, search tools, blogs and more. His post is certainly chock full of great information and resources for those people with diabetes, but also provides some interesting perspective for companies to consider regarding what patients want/need out of Health 2.0 offerings. (Personal note: Reading Richard’s post made even the cynic in me feel very “safe” in a way—if I’m ever diagnosed with diabetes or something similar. It is quite reassuring to know that all of these communities/resources are out there, many of them being tried and tested, ready and waiting.)

Other posts of note from the Read Write Web site:

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Microsoft HealthVault and Google Health – The ‘Coke and Pepsi’ of Online Health

Health 2.0 and The New Economics of Aggregation

(Lots more, too.)

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From Techno Tuesday


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