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A Glimpse at Where We Could Be Heading… by Rob Coppedge

The Center for American Progress, Obama transition team chairman John Podesta’s think tank, has just released a blue print for health care reform (The Health Care Delivery System: A Blueprint for Reform).

The book’s goal is clear – even stated right up front:

This book offers recommendations and path¬ways to systematically promote quality, efficiency, patient-centeredness, and other salient characteristics of a high-performing health system. The blueprint it lays out is a vision of how different parts of the system should be structured and how they should function. Even more specifically, it proposes policies that the next administration and Congress could enact over the next five years to improve our health system.

Since the people involved in creating this report are almost certain to end up in (or in close orbit around) the new Administration – and since every sign suggests that health care “reform” is going to be top of Obama’s list of priorities – this is an essential read for people in the industry.

We would love to hear your thoughts:  from the perspective of health care’s importance to economic recovery to its role in the decline of American manufacturing; from the fiscal impossibility of continuing growth in spending to the moral imperative of taking care of our older and sicker populations.  The ways that the public and private sector work together to “reform”  and “change” the system will create a range of opportunities for innovators and have the potential to impact America’s social and economic well-being for generations to come.

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Here’s the first of Senator Daschle’s crew to be named – From today’s NYT:
“Jeanne Lambrew, who helped Daschle write a book about health care reform, will serve as deputy director of the new White House office. She also worked on health policy at the White House during the Clinton administration and currently serves as a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress, a liberal think tank.

Leaders of health advocacy groups have described Lambrew as one of Daschle’s most trusted advisers on health issues. She will oversee planning efforts.”

Comment by David Kreiss

Rob: Thanks for sharing. I’ve been intrigued by the recent spate of “blueprints” for fixing the health system. I loved Zeke Emmanuel’s book (, but was interested too in the contributions Clayton Christenson (, George Halvorson ( and Newt Gingrich ( have made (all were discussed at the World Health Innovation Congress this week).
I have to confess that it’s too much for one novice to take in; do you have any favorites to recommend?

Comment by Greg Matthews

Grant – Great book list… we might feature deeper reviews on a few of these over the coming weeks. By the way, I really like your/Humana’s blog and hope some of our readers will spend some time checking it out at

Comment by Rob Coppedge

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