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The Week in Numbers by charlottegee
January 16, 2009, 8:54 am
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Installment #9:

The legislative outline includes $20 billion in funding to help spur the adoption of electronic health records and other components of a fully wired information technology system, and $3 billion aimed at prevention and wellness programs

The VA said there were nine reported cases in which patients at VA medical centers were given incorrect doses, six of them involving heparin drips for patients with chest pain. The other cases involved infusions of either sodium chloride or dextrose mixtures that were prolonged for up to 15 hours past the doctor’s prescribed deadline. Errors were due to software glitches that showed faulty displays of their electronic health records.

House Votes to Expand Children’s Health Care: The bill, which would extend coverage to four million uninsured children, symbolizes the shift in priorities in Washington.

Gov. Paterson’s most aggressive proposal is to charge an 18 percent tax on sugary soft drinks (but not diet drinks), which he estimates would reduce consumption by 5 percent and raise $400 million in revenue.

Medtronic Pays Surgeon ‘$20,000 or More’ — Much, Much More

A new research report has concluded that after eight hospitals in eight countries implemented surgical safety checklists, they saw improved outcomes on several levels, with the number of post-surgical complications falling 11 percent, the number of deaths dropping by 1.5 percent and the volume of patients with surgical-site infections dropping 3.4 percent.

Venture dollars going to health care drop for first time in 5 years

Report: Pfizer May Cut Sales Force by Nearly a Third

Only two of ten industry categories were hiring last month. Government hiring, which has stayed relatively strong throughout the downturn, added another 7,000 jobs in December. Education and health services also grew payrolls by 45,000 employees.

A “fundability matrix” to visually demonstrate how investors think, and how they tend to classify 4 main types of entrepreneurs (via nPost Blog)

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