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Overheard: Health Affairs and HIT (Take Two Aspirin and Tweet Me in the Morning…) by charlottegee
March 10, 2009, 5:54 pm
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If you haven’t heard, Health Affairs has devoted a chunk of its March/April 2009 edition to “stimulating health IT.” Today Health Affairs held a briefing on health IT, featuring a whole slew of experts, and the event was covered live on Twitter. One of the articles in this latest edition, and of course much of today’s discussion, touched on Web 2.0 in health care: “How Twitter, Facebook, And Other Social Media Are Reshaping Health Care.”

One observer: “The fact that Health Affairs – the leading health services journal – is spending ink on this stuff now is a big deal.”

And in a recent conversation, we overheard a leading NYC-area orthopedic surgeon say:

[Health Affairs is a] great journal and hell-bent on meaningful reform and innovation. Their writers are wonderful and insightful – and wouldn’t waste their readers’ time if they didn’t believe this is the next wave. Now you can no longer poke fun at me as I “tweet”… or engage. Patients get it, the “well”: public gets it, the press is starting to catch on…. but most docs are woefully ignorant of the changes taking place. I tried to gather support through the medical executive committee to put together a platform so the docs at [hospital name] can be*available* to their patient base… and you would have thought I asked each and every member of the committee to pose nude. They think that only teenagers are using this technology. We still have a ways to go… There are few companies that enable the physicians to adopt this type of wide-reaching and wide-ranging communications platform and docs still feel they simply don’t need to engage consumers like this….yet.

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