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Next Things Now: Profiles in Innovation by charlottegee
January 28, 2009, 2:28 pm
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Soon we will be starting a new series on the Next Things First blog called Next Things Now: Profiles in Innovation. Sure, we can talk till we’re blue about the need for health care fixes, from improving quality of care to increasing clinical efficiency to reducing administrative costs to finding real ways to encourage and support health and well-being across populations.

But talking in abstract can only take us so far. In the coming weeks, we’ll be putting a few companies in the spotlight to illustrate what we mean by “innovation.” As we strive to make sense of what comes next, we look forward to highlighting some of the innovators who are bringing needed solutions to the market … and analyzing the challenges these entrepreneurs face in growing their businesses.

If you’d like to suggest a company for this series, email us.

Posted by CharlotteGee